Veganism is not a better way�it's merely a loving way!

The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary (1982) defines Vegetarian as the following:- "one who eats no animal food or none obtained by the destruction of animal life"

Vegetarianism: is living from products of the vegetable kingdom.
Some vegetarians choose to still consume eggs or dairy products, but totally exclude the consumption of any animal flesh or body part (this includes all poultry and fish life).

Veganism: is living off the planet kingdom only, maintaining a totally animal free lifestyle. A Vegan will go further than most vegetarians and will exclude all animal by-products from their life e.g. dairy products including cheese, milk, butter, leather, wool, beeswax, eggs and gelatin etc. Further again Vegans avoid the use of any products that have been tested on animals, as Vegans understand that it is exploitive, unnecessary and cruel to cause harm to any animal or living being.

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